Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20, 2009

We are currently waiting to hear about a house we are trying to get. I am so anxious waiting for the phone call!
I have been stitching a lot but no too much to show right now. Maria's fabric for her pillow came in the other day. I bought a piece of Sorbet by EF for the fabric. I picked out the pattern: Believe In Your Dreams for her.
I am going to change the writing to purple as that is Maria's favorite color. Once I figure out how I'm going to add that into the rotation I'll update my list.

My progress is coming along very well on Stargazer! You can start to make out the arm & her lower body. She is going to be stunning when I finish her!
Moving along very well on my RR's. The bottom of the dress is done on Andie's Teacher & the belly is almost finished on the frog. I'll post pics of those when they're finished.

I have the outline of WS2 done & am starting on the center. I'll post when I finish part 1.

I entered FFF into a contest so I can't work on her until April 1st. The contest is on the EF board. If you have anything on EF fabric you should go over & enter!

That's everything for now!

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Andie said...

Oh I do hope you hear about the house soon! Your stargazer is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it finished :D