Thursday, August 18, 2011

25 Project Challenge

Andie is starting a 25 Project Challenge & I have decided to join her. I have tweaked the exceptions just a little to allow for purchases needed to finish a project.

My rules:
No purchasing of stash until after my 25 projects are completed

My exceptions:
Stash needed to complete a chart
Anything needed for the Mira RR
Presents for friends

The Project list:

1. Stargazer finished!
2. Winter Fairy Spirit
3. House of Shadow
4. Casa de Cowboy
5. Undine
6. Holland
7. Boo Club
8. Believe In Your Dreams
9. Hubby's Wolf (1)
10. Mermaids of the Deep Blue
11. Water Goddess
12. Trick or Treat
13. Imagine finished!
14. Hubby's Wolf (2)
15. Spring Tree Fairy
16. Hope
17. TW's Dragon Fob
18. Believe
19. Cat Portrait
20. Full Moon Silhouette
21. Cat's Night Out
22. Window Cat
23. Snowy Owl
24. Mystical Dragon

(More to follow) ;D

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Wahoo! :D Glad your joining me on the wagon :D