Monday, August 29, 2011

Is the weekend over yet???

OMG! What a weekend! Hubby had to work from home this weekend as a deadline is fast approaching. Saturday morning he spent outside working on his laptop on conference calls. (I stitched on Winter Spirit Fairy for the PR sal.) That afternoon we went to my nephew's 17th birthday party. When we got home that night we only had power to half the house. During our search trying to find out what was wrong we discovered that a tree in the backyard had come down & the only thing holding it up was the electrical lines. So that made for a long night as the power company was here until 3 in the morning fixing everything.
On Sunday we spent the day taking down the rest of the tree & cutting everything up. Then we had to run to a couple of stores for some more supplies. I am so glad the weekend is over! I did get some more stitching in Sunday evening, though.


Joysze said...

EEEEK!!!! I'm glad you got power back so quickly! Have a relaxing week. :)

Andrea said...

*hugs* Glad your all ok! Looking forward to your pic of WF :D