Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly update 9/29/2009

Okay, with the sal being on Monday I have decided to post my weekly updates in Tuesdays.
Last week was a busy week! I finished Luna Fairy!!!! I framed her yesterday.
I started Winter Fairy for the PR monthly sal. I started her on Friday, wasn't sure about the colors. The floss toss looked fine but once I started stitching I just didn't like it. On Saturday Hubby agreed that it didn't look right. So Hubby & I went through my fabric & we decided to switch the fabby for Spring & Winter around. So I'm now stitching Winter on Rain Forest & Spring on Lily Pad (both by EF). So I pulled out all the stitching that I had done on Friday & started on the new fabby. I think I got some good progress done on her for 2 days.

Monday was the EF sal. Things were really busy though. I picked Mom up from the collision center. We went to Pat Catan's so I could get my mounting board & matte for Luna. Then we stopped at the local Harley store looking for a birthday gift for Hubby. By the time I got Mom home & back to my house Maria had gotten out of school so I didn't get any time in while waiting for her. I did some cleaning around the house & managed to get about a half an hour in before we had to go get Paul. It was really cold out this evening so I didn't stitch as much as I usually do. I did get about another hour in after we got home.
This week I'm going back to 2 Hearts. Haven't decided about this weekend. Maybe I'll work on Spiders for Boo Club.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Luna Fairy Completed!

Just put the finishing touches on her today!!! She is stitched on 32ct Linen. Night by SMF.

Starting PR's Winter Fairy for the PR weekend sal now. Monday is ToT Fairy for the EF sal. Tuesday is back to 2 Hearts for hopefully another finish soon.

Here's is a close up of her face. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly update for 9/21/2009

Things have been going pretty well here. I am really close to finishing up Luna Fairy! I'm going to keep pushing her until I finish it up wich should be some time this week. Just need to finish the wings, the top of the moon & then backstitch.

Worked some more yesterday on ToT Fairy. I finished out the center part of her skirt. Next week I can finish the rest of her skirt & hopefully be able to work on her legs as well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trick or Treat Fairy

I started my ToT Fairy for the sal yesterday. I got 4 hours of stitching in! She is stiching up pretty fast. I think she is going to look great on this fabby! The shades of browns just jump off of the fabby!

I am going to do one more week on Luna Fairy. Hope fully I can get a lot closer to finishing her (if I can't get her done by then )

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Update for 9/14/2009

I had a pretty good week. I got really far on Luna Fairy & I finished up Black Cat on the Boo Club. This week I start ToT Fairy on the EF sal on Mondays. Tuesday I go back to 2 Hearts for the rest of the week. I picked out my fabric for PR's Winter Fairy. I'm going to stitch her on EF's Lilypad (new color). However I was strong & didn't start her, eventhough I was very tempted. I also brought up Holland so I can start part 1. I need to go get the floss I need for that. Trying to be strong & not start that one either. I'm thinking that if I can knock Luna Fairy & 2 Hearts off the list I'll pull out Stargazer & start Holland.

Paul goes back to football this week. In fact I'm picking up his release from the doctors in a little bit. Hubby & I have been trying to do the yard work. Hubby has been trying to iron out the details with the Landy Lady for a land contract. As soon as he does when can start fixing up the yard!

I'm planning on posting my start on ToT Fairy tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly update 9/8/2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We went on our usual camping trip to Salt Fork. The kids love going down there & get so excited when the time gets close. I had a so-so week. with Hubby being gone I got a lot of stitching time in. But a lot of that was frogging & fixing. Makes me want to pull my hair out as a lot of it was off by one square. (One of these days I learn to count properly :P)
I was working on the wing on 2 hearts when I realized that that one was off by one square so I pulled it all out & re did it.
Got some more on the wing & the moon done on Luna Fairy.
Tried to put some time in on Dawn. I just couldn't really do it. I think I'm going to scrap it & start one of the seasonal fairies.
I went back to Boo Club for over the holiday weekend. Boy did that take a lot more time then I thought it would. I decided to redo the "treats" part as I had placed it too far to the left & it was in front of the border. I also found a floss at my LNS that I liked a lot more than the yellow for the inside border, so I ripped that out & redid it. When I put in the bottom border of the treats I didn't put in enough & had to redo it. It took me five tries until I had it all done correctly. Ugh! Finally got started onto Black Cat.

I am starting a sal on Monday for the ToT Fairy. Anyone who would like to join us just go here: http://enchantedfabrics.yuku.com/topic/3803 we're stitching on Mondays. Here is my floss toss for her.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Goals

I thought maybe I'd do better with my goals the more places that I posted them. I did pretty well in August. I finished WS2. I just have the wing to finish on 2 Hearts (But I'm frogging it like crazy & trying not to put it up.) I fixed my mistake on Luna Fairy & have been making some nice progress on her. So onto my September goals:

Regular Stitching:
1. Work on 2 Hearts (hopefully finish)
2. Work on Luna Fairy (be close to finishing by the end of month)
3. Start Believe In Dreams

1. Work on Dawn
2. Start ToT Fairy