Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly update 9/8/2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We went on our usual camping trip to Salt Fork. The kids love going down there & get so excited when the time gets close. I had a so-so week. with Hubby being gone I got a lot of stitching time in. But a lot of that was frogging & fixing. Makes me want to pull my hair out as a lot of it was off by one square. (One of these days I learn to count properly :P)
I was working on the wing on 2 hearts when I realized that that one was off by one square so I pulled it all out & re did it.
Got some more on the wing & the moon done on Luna Fairy.
Tried to put some time in on Dawn. I just couldn't really do it. I think I'm going to scrap it & start one of the seasonal fairies.
I went back to Boo Club for over the holiday weekend. Boy did that take a lot more time then I thought it would. I decided to redo the "treats" part as I had placed it too far to the left & it was in front of the border. I also found a floss at my LNS that I liked a lot more than the yellow for the inside border, so I ripped that out & redid it. When I put in the bottom border of the treats I didn't put in enough & had to redo it. It took me five tries until I had it all done correctly. Ugh! Finally got started onto Black Cat.

I am starting a sal on Monday for the ToT Fairy. Anyone who would like to join us just go here: http://enchantedfabrics.yuku.com/topic/3803 we're stitching on Mondays. Here is my floss toss for her.

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Eyani Ryou said...

Yeah old topic I'm away to comment on! Can I just ask Mel what treasure braid you used for TOT fairy? I'm away to start mine but I'd prefer to stitch with the treasure braid and this is the only one I've seen that is using it!

I can only find an old conversion table that does include all the threads!