Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday July 2, 2009

Finally got some stitching in yesterday. First time since the accident. The swelling has gone down. (It's almost all gone.) Still have some scabs. I'm trying to finish one section in my UFO RR. The pattern is from Lone Dog Samplers & I just love it! I never really thought of myself as a sampler person but now I'm relooking at some patterns I've seen before. I'll post some pics next week before I mail it out as I want to do an as I received & how I mailed it pics.
Helping the kids pack today as they're leaving tomorrow with FIL for Salt Fork. Hubby & I are going down on Saturday. (We might be taking the bike, have to wait & see.) Hubby & I are coming back on Sunday. (With the 4th on a Saturday, Hubby doesn't get any Holiday time this year.) FIL is talking about keeping the kids until Wednesday as the weather is supposed to be nice through then.