Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday May 11th, 2009

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Mother's Day! On Friday Hubby & I took Little Paul to Star Trek! As I big Trekker I enjoyed the movie very much, wasn't to sure about the whole premises of the movie though. Grandpa Dave took Maria to see Hana Montana. Both of them enjoyed it as well.

Saturday was another baseball game. The kids' didn't seem like they wanted to be there though. None of them wanted to swing until they already had 2 strikes. Mother's Day was nice. I got a lot of handmade items from the kids! Aren't those some of the best gifts to get? Hubby got me a beautiful leather riding vest. I'll have to have him take a picture of me wearing it so I can post a picture.

Got some good stitching time in over the weekend. Finished the dress on Luna Fairy! Now I need to decide if I stitch the legs & feet next or move onto the moon. I think I'm going to do that order: finish the legs so the bottom is all finish, then start on the moon & work my way up the pattern. Well, here she is:

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