Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday January 20, 2010

Morning everyone! Today is turning out to be a strange day so far. This morning everyone was all excited. Paul's first basketball practice is tonight & then when we got home from that Daddy would be home from his trip for work. However now we don't know what's going on & when he'll be home.
Monday was ToT Fairy day. I did get the pumpkins finished. Next is the metallics on that side.
I finished my Great Aunt Phyl's pillow with Susan's help yesterday. Thanks so much Susan! I know she is going to love it!
Yesterday I tried dyeing some fabric. I dyed 2 while I was at Susan's house. First one:This is Magenta & Hot Pink. I think I'm going to put a fairy on this one. Here is the second one:
This one is Peach & Hot Pink. This one has a much softer look to it. Not sure which pattern I'm going to put on here yet.
The next two I did at home with Maria's help. Here's the first one:

The strips are actually going horizontally. I just haven't been able to figure out how to rotate the picture. This one is Fuchsia & Midnight Blue. I want to redye this on a bigger piece of fabric for Lady of the Flag. Here's the second one:

This one is Fuchsia & Golden Yellow. I think Tiger Lily would look great on this one!

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Blu said...

Wow! Your fabrics are gorgeous! I adore Fuchsia & Golden Yellow, but they're all very vibrant and colourful!