Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Update (8/8/11)

I have gotten a lot done on Stargazer! I am having a blast stitching on her! Part of me doesn't want to put her done but I have to start & finish my piece for the Mira RR.

It was a nice week last week. I pulled the wallpaper down in the stairwell to the basement. I got the holes puttied & sanded & the first layer primer up. Little Paul turned 13 on Friday. We had a family party for the family birthday's in August (& my sister's that was the end of July.)


Andrea said...

She is looking so fabulous Mel! I don't blame you! I wouldn't want to put her down either..... your could maybe put the Mira rr off for a week? :D

demeter83 said...

So looks gorgeous!

Hope you had fun at the party!

RuthB said...

How do you manage to putty and prime and still get so much beautiful stitching done???? There's got to be a secret. :)

Joysze said...

Happy birthday to Paul... not so little anymore. :) Stargazer looks beautiful, Mel! We'll see her gorgeous face soon. :D

Rachel said...

She is looking wonderful, Mel! I don't think I could put her down being this close to finishing!! (the Mira RR isn't going anywhere, heehee).

Happy Birthday to Paul! It's hard to believe how fast the little ones grow up! My little girl is going to be 12 in a couple of days!!

Stitching Sweetie said...

Thanks ladies! I was good & put the RR on the scrolls. :( I looked at it as giving me more incentive to quickly finish the RR.

@Ruth: shifts is my secret. ;) I leave everything ready to go during the day so I can spend less time setting everything up. Thanks so much for the compliments. :D

***Pink Fairy*** said...

What a beautiful blog and beautiful works!
I love cross stitch and I love Mirabilia and Passione Ricamo's Fairies!
An hug from Italy!