Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IHSW & Progress

Sorry this is late it's been crazy busy here. I did get some stitching in on Friday. On Saturday my FIL showed up to take the kids golfing so we left earlier to head down to Columbus for a friend's birthday. My Mom was watching the kids so we could just stay the night & come back in the morning. On Sunday we watched the Brown's game & I got some more stitching in. However later in the evening we realized that we had left some stuff down there & our friends vacuum had quit working so we had told them the could have our extra one. Since I had to go back down Monday to get our stuff I brought that down with me. Mom picked up the kids from school for me so I didn't have to race back up here & could relax & take my time. Unfortunately Hubby sinuses have been going nuts so he came home early from work so I spent some time taking care of him & didn't get any stitching in on Monday.
On Tuesday I spent most of the morning catching up on laundry & other chores around the house. I also had to take care of this weeks bills. So Tuesday really felt like a Monday to me. I did get some stitching in in the afternoon waiting for Maria to get out of school. After Hubby got home from work we ran out to the store. We got a new tv stand so now all the cords aren't visible! Woo hoo!

Today starts the beginning of the PR sal so now it's time to say goodbye to MotDB :( but on the up side WFS has been pulled out! So this is how MotDB looks until next time:


Rachel said...

That's a very nice TV stand, Mel. I really like it...I think I may tell DH we need a new one, lol.

MotDB is looking really good, that fabric is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing you WFS too! :)

Joysze said...

Nice stand, Mel. :D Sorry to hear about DH's sinuses... that so sucks. :(

MotDB looks great! I'll miss seeing her till next time.

mdgtjulie said...

You picked a great color of fabby for MotDB, Mel. It looks great, even though you didn't get too much progress. (And, as you watched the Browns game, I have to say, "Go Bengals!!") Hope your DH feels better soon. Can't wait to see your next progress update!!