Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a Week

Last Sunday water started dripping into the fridge from the freezer above it. So Hubby & I went down to HH Gregg & looked at what they had. (Mom has a card with them that she said we could use, we just pay it off. Thank you Mom!) We figured out we could get a side by side & a separate freezer chest for less than getting a french door unit. Had them delivered on Tuesday.
On Monday morning I found an unauthorized charge from walmart.com pending in the checking account. So I went to the bank to talk to them. They were very nice to work with as they had someone else have the same issue a couple of weeks earlier. Unfortunately it took Walmart the whole week to remove it. I had no access to my account until then. Now I have to deal with all the bills that got sent back, but all the NSF fees have been reversed.
Monday evening my left breast started hurting & I had a dark brown discharge coming out of my nipple. So I made an appointment with my doctor for Thursday (figuring the bank stuff would be clear by then).
Weekend was a little better. Little Paul went on a hike with his boy scout troop while Hubby, Maria, my Mom & I saw the Adventures of Tin Tin. (A co-worker of Hubby's gave him screener passes.) On Sunday we went to Barnes & Noble where Maria (for her drama class) performed poetry. Afterwards we finished putting up the outside lights, put up the Christmas tree & made some fudge.
Hubby's collar bone sits slightly wrong & the bone rubs against the rotater cuff. About 8 years ago it sheared the right one in half & he had to have surgery for it. While He thinks the left side went Sunday night. (The specialist said it would.) So he has been in tremendous pain. He stayed home from work Monday so he could go see his doctor. Now we are waiting for an appointment for an MRI.
Today I had an ultrasound & mammogram. The good news is that there are no lumps visible, which means the discharge is from an infection. Now I need to wait for the results from the swap test.

Meanwhile in cross stitching I finished the rest of the first half of part 3 in Holland. I was going to wait to bead but I was weak & had to add it.

I have decided to fill in the empty spots on a couple of wings on my rr. I am going to stitch Magnolia in my star.


Joysze said...

Glad to hear the there are no lumps, Mel. Does it still hurt? How long will the result take?

Glad that the bank was so cooperative about those bad charges. Sorry you had to go through all that... yuck!!!

New fridge, yeah!!!

Holland looks sooooooooo awesome. Love those tulips.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what a tough time you are having! Hang in there!

Your wip looks lovely!