Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly update 9/29/2009

Okay, with the sal being on Monday I have decided to post my weekly updates in Tuesdays.
Last week was a busy week! I finished Luna Fairy!!!! I framed her yesterday.
I started Winter Fairy for the PR monthly sal. I started her on Friday, wasn't sure about the colors. The floss toss looked fine but once I started stitching I just didn't like it. On Saturday Hubby agreed that it didn't look right. So Hubby & I went through my fabric & we decided to switch the fabby for Spring & Winter around. So I'm now stitching Winter on Rain Forest & Spring on Lily Pad (both by EF). So I pulled out all the stitching that I had done on Friday & started on the new fabby. I think I got some good progress done on her for 2 days.

Monday was the EF sal. Things were really busy though. I picked Mom up from the collision center. We went to Pat Catan's so I could get my mounting board & matte for Luna. Then we stopped at the local Harley store looking for a birthday gift for Hubby. By the time I got Mom home & back to my house Maria had gotten out of school so I didn't get any time in while waiting for her. I did some cleaning around the house & managed to get about a half an hour in before we had to go get Paul. It was really cold out this evening so I didn't stitch as much as I usually do. I did get about another hour in after we got home.
This week I'm going back to 2 Hearts. Haven't decided about this weekend. Maybe I'll work on Spiders for Boo Club.

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