Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Update for 9/14/2009

I had a pretty good week. I got really far on Luna Fairy & I finished up Black Cat on the Boo Club. This week I start ToT Fairy on the EF sal on Mondays. Tuesday I go back to 2 Hearts for the rest of the week. I picked out my fabric for PR's Winter Fairy. I'm going to stitch her on EF's Lilypad (new color). However I was strong & didn't start her, eventhough I was very tempted. I also brought up Holland so I can start part 1. I need to go get the floss I need for that. Trying to be strong & not start that one either. I'm thinking that if I can knock Luna Fairy & 2 Hearts off the list I'll pull out Stargazer & start Holland.

Paul goes back to football this week. In fact I'm picking up his release from the doctors in a little bit. Hubby & I have been trying to do the yard work. Hubby has been trying to iron out the details with the Landy Lady for a land contract. As soon as he does when can start fixing up the yard!

I'm planning on posting my start on ToT Fairy tomorrow.

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