Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday November 2, 2009

The kids had a great time over the Halloween weekend. Maria had her school party & parade. She went as a witch. I helped out at her class. I love seeing the kids (& teachers costumes)! One of the teachers went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Paul went to school as a soldier. They had a school dance during the day & from what he said he had a blast.

On Halloween Hubby took Maria around the neighborhood & Paul went with a bunch of friends. I stayed at the house to hand out candy. We only got a couple of kids down the street but the other streets were packed. We had a couple of lucky kids though as we gave out half bags of candy to those kids so we wouldn't have so much left over.
Sunday Hubby left for another work trip to SC. Hopefully his work will have these problems fixed soon & he can stay home for awhile.

Onto cross stitching: I finished up pumpkin on Boo Club & am now catching up the border.
I started working on my ornaments for some exchanges I'm in.

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