Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, Fdebruary 2, 2010

I didn't get much stitching in last week. I strained my bicep muscle & could only stitch about an hour a day. I missed my goal on Stargazer by 2 hours. I think I did a good job & came pretty close to the 20 hours, especially since I took time to finish 2 Hearts. I'm going to stick to the 20 hour goal for February. Here she is:

Yesterday was the Trick or Treat Fairy sal on EF. I worked on the spider webs. My goal for the day was to start & finish the spider webs. I finished all of them but it was a huge pain in the a** to do. I had a really hard time reading the chart for it & ended up just winging the last ones. Next week I want to do the beading so I can roll it up to the top half.
On the personal side Hubby to the kids & my nephew to Peek N Peak on Sunday. Everybody had a blast. My nephew was a natural. Of course Hubby is really sore right now. Maria finished her Valentine's Box & I think it looks awesome! She did such a great job on it! ((I hot glued the flower ribbon on but she did the rest.)


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Blu said...

The spiderweb looks great. I remember being so frustrated with it when I stitched her.
The Valentine Box is cute. Kudos to Maria.