Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Petite Christmas Angel Pillow

Petite Christmas Angel
 by Joan Elliot
stitched on Polstitches Scratch N Sneeze
32ct opal linen
kreinik changed out for RG PTB

To start with I decided what size I want the visible design to be.
Then I decide how wide I want the trim. For this pillow I choose to have 
8" square around the Angel & that I wanted the purple strip to be 1" wide.
I use my rotatory blade to cut 4 strips that are 10" long (1" for both sides) &
2" wide. I then tri-fold the strips & iron them.
Next I sew 2 of the strips together, so I have 2 "L" shapes.

I then lay them over the cross stitch piece so the strips "frame"
the piece. Unfold the strip so the inside (the part that was ironed to lay underneath
closest to the cross stitch) is visible. Tack the strips to the cross stitch piece.

Next lay the other 2 strips the same way that you did with the first 2. Sew
the strips down along the inside of the first flap. After sewing, fold back over & iron again.

I then cut my second fabric into strips similar to the first fabric. (You need to
know what size pillow you are making for this step. I bought a 14x14 pillow 
form so my next set of strips had to big enough to cover the rest of the pillow.
Attach the second strips to the outside of the first strips. (I attached the lace in this step.)
After you have the front done attach it to the back piece. Make sure that you have the front 
sides of the fabric together & to leave the bottom open to go over the pillow.

When you are done sewing the 2 pieces together turn the piece right side out, making sure 
to push the corners out. (I use a pencil for this.) Pull the fabric over the pillow, turn the extra 
material into the pillow then pin it into place. Last is sewing the bottom together. All done!


demeter83 said...

What a lovely way to finish your work, looks gorgeous!

Karen said...

Beautiful finish! Thanks for sharing your method. I love PS Sniff & Sneeze! I can't wait to get a piece.

Miamina said...

Looks beautiful, well done!

dulcinella said...

Beautiful finish! Thanks for the explanations on how to do it. I'm not really good at these things, but with this help I can manage (I hope:-)).

Joysze said...

Beautifully finished, Mel. :D

mother.maiden.crone said...

She is beautiful and I love the tutorial! the Maiden

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous pillow :) thanks for the tute

McKenna C. said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! You do beautiful stitching! If you have time, I would love it if you could check out my blog.