Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th, 2009

Paul's football team lost their playoff game on Saturday. He was so upset. But the coach had those kids wound way too tight. They were all so scared off making a mistake. I felt bad for those kids but I think their coaches got what they deserved. (If they would of won we would of had to forfeit anyways as not all the kids got their 10 plays. In fact 3 of the kids hadn't even gotten to play until Hubby started yelling at the director about there being less than 2 minutes in the game & having kids that hadn't gotten to play yet.) Then one of the other parent got made because "we were giving up by just letting anybody play". I mean come on it's an instructional league & all kids are supposed to be guaranteed playing time. If you're that worried about it maybe you should move your kid to a premiere league. Hubby & I have agreed that this spring we're moving the kids do a different organization.
On Sunday we took the kids to the pumpkin farm by my MIL's house. They had a blast! You can see the pics here:

Now onto stitching. I'm flying through Boo Club! Going to keep with it this week & hope I can finish it up by Saturday. This weekend was the PR sal weekend. I did get some done but not as much as I wanted as I sprained my wrist working out in the yard on the leaves. The worst part is is that 2 days later the yard didn't even look touched.


Missy Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your son's game. I pulled my ds out of a soccer league because of similar behavior from the coach & other parents.

Blu said...

Too bad about the game.
Boo Club looks good~