Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18th, 2009

Wow! What a day today! With so much interest all across the boards on Chatelaine's new chart, A Fairy Flower Garden, (gorgeous!) I decided to start a Yuku forum for SAL's! I would love to have a lot of different sal's going & xs discussions! I am so excited about it! Please stop by & take a look around & tell me what you think!

I got some more work done on Luna Fairy! Here she is after another week. 12 days, 21 hours! I am thinking about outlining the back of the moon in a darker gray to help it stand out more. What do you guys think?

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Andie said...

Looks awesome Mel :D Have saved your board and will check it out properly later :D A couple of ideas..... Ink circles and Mira... maybe L&L? Or are you wanting sal's on specific projects? Can see your board really taking off :D