Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday December 31, 2009

Here is my last post for the year. I have quite a lot to get in here so this will probably be a long one. First off here is my progress for Snowflake:

I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of next week. After I finish this I'm taking a break for a couple of days to knit a hat & scarf for my daughter.

I was asked to help mod a forum I'm on a lot (okay more like almost all the time ) & they have a gift exchange between all the mods. I received some wonderful gifts! Thanks e
Now onto my goals for 2010!
1. Stargazer
2. Two Hearts Beating As One
3. Boo Club
4. ToT Fairy

I want to be close to finishing:
1. Firefly Fairies
2. Winter Spirit Fairy

That's it on the craft side. Things are going well on the home front. Hubby & I took the kids sledding & snowboarding on Tuesday. We all had lots of fun. I even tried out the snowboard! Today we're staying home like usually & celebrating with the kids! We have hats & lots of poppers! Tomorrow we're going to my sister's house & exchanging gifts with my side of the family. We're bringing sweet potatoes, some cookies & pumpkin rolls. A nice way for everyone to end their break.
I hope everyone has a Great New Year! Stay safe!


Lynn B said...

I love the snowflake design, gorgeous stitching!

Happy New Year!

Lynn B

Mel said...

Snowflake is beautiful! Good luck with your goals!