Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday January 8th, 2010

It's been a strange year so far. I got the stomach bug Monday morning that was going around the whole family at New Years. Started feeling better from that (half way human) when I got this sharp pain in my pelvis Wednesday morning. When I still had it on Thursday I went to the doctors. He thinks it's an ovarian cyst. I am highly medicated at this time. Then the snow storm hit last night & school was canceled for the kiddos today. So of course poor Little Paul is sick now.

On the up side I went to my lns on Wednesday. I got the last chart for Boo Club & some really pretty over-dyes! Last night I finished Snowflake! Now back to Stargazer. The one lady (Susan) at Blueberry Hill (the lns) is going to help me make it into a pillow. She makes some of the most gorgeous pillows!
On Monday we're starting the ToT Fairy sal back up. I can't wait to start stitching on her again!


Blu said...

Congrats on finishing Snowflake. It looks very sparkly and fits the season!

Missy Ann said...

Beautiful snow flake. I had what I think was cyst once. Spent 3 days on the couch... Hope you feel better soon.

Andie said...

Congratulations once again on this gorgeous finish! I can't wait to see it made into the pillow!