Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday January 13, 2010

I picked up Stargazer on Friday. I finished all of the beading that I wanted to do & got quite a bit of stitching done on her! I can't wait to finish her.
Monday was supposed to be ToT Fairy day but it ended up being a mess & I never got a chance to stitch on her. Luckily the other ladies in the sal didn't get to her either so we agreed to move it back a day & stitch on Tuesday. I did get a couple of hours in on her. However I didn't get as much finished as I was hoping for. My goal was to finish the pumpkin but it was bigger than I had first realized. So my goal for next week is to finish the pumpkin. I am still waiting for the beads for her to come in. Hopefully they'll be here soon so I can start beading were I have finished.
I decided to move onto Two Hearts instead of going back to Stargazer. I am really close to a finish on this one! I want to get it finished before I go back to my other projects. Hopefully I can have 2 finishes for January!


Blu said...

They both look great!

Hope your beads arrive soon. Mine always arrive about 2 weeks after I've finished everything else~

Andie said...

Absolutly love your Stargazer! ToT is coming along beautifully too! Hope those beads hurry up for you! Looking forward to seeing your 2 hearts finish :D