Friday, January 20, 2012

Making My Flat Fold

Please be patient as this is my first instructional blog. I was a little worried about how difficult this would be so I put it off for 2 weeks. However it was much easier than I expected. Until I added on the additional decorations all I used was a glue stick. Sorry, getting ahead of myself.
My supplies:
finished pattern
2 5x7 sticky foam boards
glue stick
fabric (for this size piece a half yard should be plenty)
hot glue gun
any additional desired decorations

To start I needed to cut both boards in half so I had four pieces that were the same size. The easiest way for me was to use an utility knife & a ruler. I first lightly scored the line & then went over it a couple of times to get it even. I then cover the pieces with my pattern & the fabric. I used the sticky side for the main side & then used my glue stick to glue down the edges on the

Next I used a piece of extra fabric to use for the bottom I folded it by thirds and then ironed it flat. I then used my glue stick to attach to the inside piece of 2 of the boards.

I also used another piece of the extra fabric (cut to the same width of the boards) to attach the same pieces together on the top of them. I also used the glue stick for this as well.

Then I glue the pattern & the last board to the other 2 boards. (I used the glue stick for the last fabric glue, but then my kitty decided the glue stick looked liked a great toy & knocked it off the table & it broke so I used my hot glue gun to glue the pattern to the last side.)

I then used my hot glue gun (just a one of the small low heat ones from the craft store) to attach the trim around the pattern where the 2 boards are attached.

I started at the upper right hand corner. I would put glue on a small section then pull the trim across that section. I continued this way until I arrived back at the right hand corner. I made a bow with the last bit of trim & glued it in the corner.
I then used the put little spots of glue on the left corner to add the bows with rhinestones that I found at the craft store when getting my trim. All done! This took me a little under an hour to complete.


mdgtjulie said...

It's absolutely darling, Sweetie. I love that chart too!!

Joysze said...

Great tutorial, Mel. I was just thinking this morning of stitching something small and making it into a flatfold. I know where to look for a tutorial when I'm ready to do that! :D

The Maiden said...

Beautiful finish, it is good to know I can come here when I attempt a flatfold!

Shelleen said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Patches said...

So cute